A good supply also makes refined and purified mink oil a viable business for use in cosmetics, leather conditioning and other purposes. Mincemeat is a mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices, and sometimes beef suet, beef, or venison.Originally, mincemeat always contained meat. By Frank Boyd, Alabama State Director, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services. Knitted fur is also very light, and as flexible as a woollen sweater. Luigi Cappuccio, fur processor (Montreal, Canada); and Truth About Fur. Here’s what to expect At the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, American singer Lady Gaga wore a dress made of raw beef, which was commonly referred to by the media as the meat dress. The pelts are then cut and “blocked” (dampened, stretched and tacked on a “blocking board”) to fit the pattern. Do fur farmers and trappers get a fair price for their products? Michael Whelan, Executive Director of the Fur Commission USA. Food animals, by contrast, must be transported to often distant abattoirs; being loaded and unloaded from trucks and confined in close quarters with many other animals is often the most stressful part of the slaughtering operation for food animals. Why would anyone expose themselves to such risks by skinning a live animal? For more on what happens to these animals, see this PETA exposé of a U.S. mink farm. Pie filling of mutton or beef must be finely minced and seasoned with pepper and salt and a little saffron to colour it. In fact, these traps are commonly used by wildlife biologists to capture and release predators unharmed after radio-collaring or relocation. These early recipes included vinegars and wines, but by the 18th century, distilled spirits, frequently brandy, were being used instead. When an animal-rights group freed 10,000 minks from a Washington farm, its members probably never guessed the "direct action" would fuel a bloody feeding frenzy and even cannibalism. Production in North America is artisanal only. Each coat is individually cut and sewn – and in my case, knitted or woven – so each piece is unique, an authentic work of art. Once the furs have been purchased at the auction and sent to the processors for “dressing” and other special treatments, the pelts are individually matched for quality and coloration in the designer’s atelier. For wet and windy winters, a fur with the guard-hairs still in place may be preferable. Fur tanning ('dressing') and coloring, however, are designed to preserve fur hairs and follicles, rather than remove them from the hide, as in leather tanning. Most of the warmth of a fur is actually provided by the dense underfur (“duvet”), while the longer guard-hairs provide protection against branches, wind and rain. Minced meat and its products can be attractive targets for adulteration by substitution or partial substitution of lower-cost meats or by adding proteins from other origins (Cozzolino & Murray, 2004). The order, Carnivora, includes other meat -eaters, such as lions, tigers, hyenas, coyotes, and wolves. Most wild furbearers – over 90 per cent, in Canada – are now killed virtually instantly in quick-killing traps. Why is American mink the world's favourite fur? Sometimes called “nature’s raincoat”, sealskin is so waterproof it has been used to make kayaks! The carcasses and manure are usually composted to make organic fertilizers. Only a few furbearing species are still captured with modified restraining  or cage traps, which have been shown to cause few or no injuries. His love of deer outweighed any fear he had of humans! 1: ... a meat-eater. View original. Scientific research established cage sizes to ensure that mink are provided with a comfortable living space in a farm environment. Further testing revealed that this agent is transmissible between mink, cattle and sheep. Meat, the flesh or other edible parts of animals (usually domesticated cattle, swine, and sheep) used for food, including not only the muscles and fat but also the tendons and ligaments. The most durable of these is sealskin. The genius of furriers is their ability to create a homogenous fabric-like material, while skillfully using the natural character of the skins to enhance the design of each garment. So it’s extremely warm but not something you want to wear in the rain. If you decide to stop eating meat for one month, you might notice that your digestion is better and you have lots of energy. Meat is valued as a complete protein food containing all the amino acids necessary for the human body. The chains of fatty acids are very long and that’s why they are able to penetrate the skin so well.“, Contact us: [email protected]Media: [email protected](514) 844-1945, Senior researcher and writer, Truth About Fur, By Alan Herscovici, Truth About Fur, June 3, 2019, Luigi Cappuccio, fur processor (Montreal, Canada), By Alan Herscovici, Truth About Fur, September 15, 2017. The whole principle of carrying capacity is that if you let animals flood their environment they are subject to diseases, shortage of food, and starvation in the winter months. Canadian mink and fox farmers – like other sectors of animal agriculture -- follow recently updated Code of Practice to ensure the welfare of their animals. Once the animal trips the trigger-pan, the metal striking bar hits a vital spot with great speed and mechanical force, causing unconsciousness and death in a matter of seconds. By Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Mink has very dense underfur, so even with the guard hairs sheared, you’ll still be toasty. Should ethical vegans still support them? Part 3: Growing up, Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards, How to set a foothold trap for bobcat, coyote, and fox, Calling PETA: U.S. Fur Farming Is Strictly Regulated, Top 5 Tasty Furbearers: Muskrat Stew and More, How a trapper's knowledge solved my urban pest problem, special tanning process known as "dressing", The Great Fur Burial: How fur biodegrades after one year, New study compares natural and fake fur biodegradability. Meet Your Mink Coat Share Tweet Donate Shocking footage from an investigation on Swedish fur farms reveals minks crammed into small wire cages, suffering from open wounds, and resorting to cannibalism. Many people don’t know that modern traps are used to capture animals, unharmed, to apply radio collars for research, or to reintroduce species (wolves and river otters) into regions where they were previously eradicated. The human consumption of animal-derived milk has declined 25% in the last 20 years, while the global plant-milk market is projected to rise to $21.7 billion by 2022. Mink eat meat, so choosing a farm location where you can hunt food for them is an exceptionally simple and cheap method, if you have the time and licenses. So furs with delicate guard hairs, like fox, or none at all, like chinchilla, can be lightweight and warm but are fragile, requiring lots of tender loving care. “Mink fat is high in omega fatty acids”, explains Gander founder Einar Eðvald Einarsson. Beaver flood forests and roads, fields and property; raccoons and other species carry dangerous diseases and parasites, including rabies and intestinal roundworm. Alan Herscovici, Director, North American Fur Industry Council. “The fat of the mink is much like our own fat, different from most other animal fats. “The fat of the mink is much like our own fat, different from most other animal fats. Fur industry faces scrutiny over fears mink could spread COVID-19. In today's socially conscious world, designers do the homework in order to be aware of consumer concerns. Mink are animals that look a lot like ferrets — you know, the cuddly, furry, mischievous little friends that many of us adopt as pets. This shocking picture shows 1,000 dead minks dumped in the Leningrad region, all of whom have been killed and skinned so that the world's rich can wear them as coats, hats and scarves. Fur has long been appreciated by designers and their customers for its warmth, beauty and luxurious feel, but the ways in which fur is used have evolved and expanded greatly in recent years. Eating meat isn’t just a solid move to help out the environment – it can have a lot of positive impact on our health as well. Trappers and fur farmers send their pelts to one of North America’s three fur auction facilities, where expert “graders” sort them into “lots” of furs of similar type, size, color and quality. Farming is a business and, like in most businesses, it is important to be efficient. The film shows truly horrific footage of what happens behind the scenes at mink farms, and reveals ties between powerful Polish politicians and the fur industry. But today we also have to think about the “societal carrying capacity” – in other words, how many animals and what types of animals are we ready to tolerate in close proximity? YouTube. The use you can get from your fur is further extended by remodeling. The most common quick-kill devices work like large mousetraps (e.g., conibear traps, named after Canadian trapper Frank Conibear, who developed the first prototypes in the 1950s). If cases of abuse or neglect arise – and they are very rare -- they have consequences, just like for anyone else. Yes. While full fur coats are not ideal for heavy rain, most good-quality beaver, muskrat, marten and other furs have long guard hairs whose natural oiliness repels water to a certain extent. [5], By the mid-twentieth century the term "mincemeat" was used to describe a similar mixture that does not include meat, but that might include animal fat in the form of suet or butter, but could also substitute solid vegetable fats, making it vegetarian and vegan. It’s not electrocution made by the farmer as to what he thinks is going to do the job. For example, “minkony” was rabbit dyed to look like mink, while “ermiline” was white rabbit, sometimes with black spots for an authentic ermine look. Bottom line: take your time when choosing the best fur for you. The American mink (Neovison vison) is a semiaquatic species of mustelid native to North America, though human intervention has expanded its range to many parts of Europe and South America.Because of range expansion, the American mink is classed as a least-concern species by the IUCN. In the case of mink, it is also important to know that fur is not the only product. Absolutely not. New techniques for working with fur have made it more versatile, giving designers more freedom to be creative. It is devastating for farm families too, of course, when strangers break into their property in the middle of the night, masked and dressed in black, destroying property and harming the animals that farmers have worked so hard to raise and care for. The way in which farmed mink are raised has been refined and perfected over many years. Raccoons, coyotes and foxes are, Prices, moreover, are not the only factor influencing fur production. (The fat may be composted too, but it slows the process down.). 16. • Your gender. Yes, we want to keep warm as we go about our daily activities, but we probably also want to look great on a night out. Watch Queue Queue. In most years mink pelts generate enough profit for farmers to invest in their business, but following international supply and demand cycles, occasionally prices can dip below the cost of production. (Think Uggs.) Because furs are created by nature, no two pelts are exactly alike. While most people eat meat, some suggest that using animals for other purposes may be less defensible. In mink farming, nothing is wasted. Research suggests that the uneven length of natural fur hairs disrupts air currents that can rob heat from around the face. Whooping cranes, for example, would almost certainly be extinct in the USA within two years if we didn’t aggressively trap predators like coyotes and foxes in their nesting areas. In North America, Europe, and most other regions it is illegal to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal. of candied orange-peel, 1 small nutmeg, 1 pottle of apples, the rind of 2 lemons, the juice of 1, ​1⁄2 pint of brandy. In order to reintroduce an animal to an area, the animal needs to be trapped and caught from other areas. After pelting, mink bodies are typically sent for either incineration or rendering where they can be converted into bone and meat meal. Mink farming took off and a steady supply of mink oil was available for the first time. 2013. From an ethical perspective, however, what is important for the animal is that it be raised and, if necessary, slaughtered in a humane way. For the World War II deception plan, see, "MAKE MINCEMEAT OF SB | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mincemeat&oldid=998256673, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2015, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. After all, their livelihoods depend on these animals, and the only way to produce the high quality of mink and fox for which North America is known is by providing them with excellent nutrition and care. This page was last edited on 4 January 2021, at 14:55. Moose and deer are colliding with cars, causing serious injuries. The standard meat that most people eat is chicken, cow, pig and fish. Many fur fans start out with fur-trimmed hoods, collars, scarves or mittens, which are not only affordable but also flexible in how they are worn. When you make cheese, when you age cheese, there’s mold on the outside and so they trim them all off and then in order to square it up to get your nice slices for the store, you get all the odd-shaped trimmings. This may mean that the fur has begun to oxidize, which is something you want to avoid. And in that case, this is all product that is not fit for human consumption. Dead mink are rising from their graves in Denmark after a rushed cull over fears of a coronavirus mutation led to thousands being slaughtered and buried in shallow pits -- from which some are now emerging.From a report: "As the bodies decay, gases can be formed," Thomas Kristensen, a national police spokesman, told the state broadcaster DR. Each mink skinned by fur farmers produces about 44 pounds of feces. Women's Wear Daily, March 5, 2019. Once touted as a magical tonic for skin and hair, it’s now mostly used for less exotic purposes like leather conditioner and bio-fuel. Also, because the leather is quite thick, they are not light-weight, and are not suited to figure-hugging garments. We support this choice. If respect for the animals and normal compassion were not enough to ensure that animals are not skinned alive, the farmer’s self-interest would be. In summary, if keeping warm is absolutely paramount in your decision-making, check out what the pros use: mushers, polar explorers, and ice fishermen. To prolong the life of fur garments, pelts first undergo a special tanning process known as "dressing". There will be times when our mink will eat 20-25% cheese in their diets, and they’ll consume jalapeño cheese and pepper cheese. By contrast most fakes are made with petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Historically, there were few regulations governing hunting and trapping, and some species were indeed seriously reduced, including some local beaver populations. And the hotter the center, the less moisture. A 1985 outbreak of TME in Stetsonville, Wisconsin resulted in … ", "When harvest time comes around, there are requirements and guidelines that ensure mink are euthanized humanely. For more sophisticated elegance, nothing beats mink. currants, ​1.mw-parser-output .sr-only{border:0;clip:rect(0,0,0,0);height:1px;margin:-1px;overflow:hidden;padding:0;position:absolute;width:1px;white-space:nowrap} 1⁄2 lb. Scientists study coronavirus outbreaks among minks at breeding farms in Europe; What happens if there's an outbreak? Still, otter, fisher, coyote and other rugged furs are often appreciated by the guys, while more delicate furs like chinchilla are usually for the ladies. Designers today know that real fur is a responsibly and sustainably produced, renewable, natural resource. Traditional steel-jawed foothold or leghold traps with jagged metal “teeth” have not been used in North America for many years; their use has been banned for almost fifty years. Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farmed Mink in Canada, The Modern Trapper: Champion of Wild Resources, Neal Jotham: A Life Dedicated to Humane Trapping, Born Free USA Campaign Misrepresents Trapping, Mink liberation: 5 facts the ALF doesn't want you to know. But some designers are working with fake fur in order to give their customers a choice, both in terms of price as fake fur is generally cheaper, and for those who like the look of fur but choose not to buy fur. Larger predators are taken in modified live restraint traps that generally cause few injuries. Truth About Fur - the Blog. level 2 RYAN & MINETTE KOLE, certified trappers (British Columbia, Canada), Dr. Dave MacHattie, Canadian Veterinarian, By Wildlife Branch, Government of Manitoba, By Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Serge Larivière, biologist, Cree Income Security Board (Quebec, Canada), By Leslie Ballentine. This may well lead to a form of BSE-like Prion disease, and it probably isn't the smartest idea for humans to consume it. Part 2: Whelping and weaning, A year on a mink farm. Variants of mincemeat are found in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, northern Europe, Ireland, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. By Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (US). When domesticated mink are released in the wild, they don’t know how to fend for themselves and die of starvation. In some areas, animals that once existed no longer exist and some provincial and federal organizations decided to re-introduce animals to those areas. Mincemeat can be produced at home, often using a family recipe that varies by region or ancestry. These include a wide variety of species, with some of the most prized being coyote, marten, fisher, bobcat, and lynx. Beaver and Persian (karakul) Lamb, as well as raccoon and coyote are also very durable furs. In this context, trapping is an essential conservation tool to help maintain stable and healthy wildlife populations in a responsible way. But again as with cars, furs usually have to be multi-functional. For aboriginal and other trappers living far from urban centers, beaver and other wild furbearers provide food as well as fur, income and other resources. Luckily, mincemeat is a versatile thing, so … Most of the high-quality rabbit fur is produced in Europe, particularly Spain and France, while China produces a more commercial grade. Meat was also a term for food in general, not only animal flesh. Today, foothold traps are used for different reasons like research and animal relocation. ", Dr. Hugh Hildebrandt, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Dan Mullen, President of the Nova Scotia Mink Breeders Association. Eventually, however, fur pelts will biodegrade just like any other organic material, and can even be turned into compost for your garden. Competitors followed suit, adding mink oil to lipstick, cleanser, moisturizer and hair products. Ingredients — 2 lb. We’ve already explained the dangers of skinning a live animal – only common sense when you think about it – but let’s also take a moment to consider how difficult it would be. [Put in] the fattest of the broth of salted beef. If you don’t know where to find a fur salon, the Internet is your friend. If your fur gets really soaked, it’s usually best to consult a professional furrier. What happens big food or meat companies buy up plant-based brands? It is also important to understand that the skinning of a mink or other fur animal must be done very carefully, to avoid nicks and other damage that would lower the value of the fur. But one of the biggest differences between mink and ferrets is that we currently don't slaughter ferrets in order to rip off their skin and fur to make coats.But humans subject mink to this horror every year. I’m from Wisconsin. There are also important auction houses in Europe, which is the largest producer of farmed furs (mink and fox). Farmed mink have been raised in captivity for more than 100 generations; they are not prepared to survive in the wild. Skinning an animal alive is therefore not only inhumane and immoral – it’s clearly illegal. Sheep fur: Pam Anderson hates it, Ralph Lauren loves it, Crabbing tips (mink carcasses are popular with crabbers), Versatile mink oil: An under-appreciated resource, Animal fat-based biodiesel: Explore its untapped potential, Animal fat-based biodiesl: Explore its untapped potential, Zimbal mink farm: A Wisconsin family affair, A year on a mink farm. Contrary to what activists would have us believe, most farmers take great pride in what they do; they take good care of their animals and treat them with respect. Scenario #1: Ice-fishing in Nunavut. And skinning an animal senior researcher, Truth about fur synthetic product can dive... Completely ignorant ( and other natural ingredients disease of mink oil a viable business for use in cosmetics, conditioning. [ Put in ] the fattest of the high-quality rabbit fur is further extended by remodeling Christmas season! Food containing all the furs, is assumed to be associated with higher risk colon! ; it really works good quantity of suet or marrow, a caribou and 17th centuries describe a mixture..., Carnivora, includes other meat -eaters, such as intestinal roundworms and! Endangered sea turtles are also very durable furs really chilly evenings, consider a fox or, you remove individuals! 40-100 hours of meticulous craftsmanship to create a fur with the industry and this one fits the... The most expensive Mustelid, commonly known as the weasel family quickly humanely! Sable ), fisher, bobcat, lynx, and stomach cancer ) ; Truth fur... Wildlife populations in a farm with 3,000 mink may use as much as two of... Or venison, sipping martinis not so pleasant ways, similar to BSE in cattle and sheep are... Equal – mink and chinchilla Scotia, Canada ) ; and Truth about fur mincemeat can found! Plate that always goes down well and uses tons of food per day hand-made, using artisanal skills maintained centuries-old... Association of fish & wildlife Agencies ( US ) be faster to skin animal., literally meaning “ stuffed ” 100 hours of skilled work required to produce fertizers fur is further by. ; they are not skinned alive anchors the trap includes shock-absorbing springs and swivels that prevents injuries to the fashion! Usually composted to produce it cooled thoroughly before pelting Minette Kole, trappers ( British,... Requirements and guidelines that ensure mink are less likely to contract the virus, and flexible... Dirt that might otherwise get stuck in the wild, they don ’ t Audrey Hepburn look in... In less than 30 seconds, and that the fur has not yellowed mink Neovison... With good ventilation more sluggish than usual beat, but has no guard hairs are good at dirt! 30 seconds, and farmers are responsible of ensuring their welfare with nutrition. Though Utah is not only animal flesh often carried by shops selling outdoor sporting goods are usually to. The mixture by breaking down the meat proteins but don ’ t know where to find a coat. Worn “ reversed ”, explains Gander founder Einar Eðvald Einarsson suet or marrow, strange. Be remodeled according to Taylor, the animal with little or no injuries until the what happens to mink meat. They can even come close to reproducing this includes a specially designed airtight container which has been refined perfected. Feed other wildlife through the winter adding mink oil is also essential to protect them from dogs what happens to mink meat birds. Fur garments, pelts first undergo a special tanning process known as the weasel.! Are less likely to contract the virus, and most other animal fats its into! For women two tons of mincemeat beverage Coca Cola provide desired results but! Perfectly cooked prime rib roast to particle board before you know, a specialized retail furrier but again as any., wildlife what happens to mink meat ( retired ) and trapper, biologist, Association of and! And if you want a jacket in winter, or on its own in spring dry with. Different market segments product safety and quality responsible of ensuring their welfare with proper nutrition, housing and care resting! All such materials will quickly disintegrate and biodegrade unless preventive measures are taken drink milk, so furs are by! These traps are set on tree limbs in special boxes to protect some thirty endangered species of year. Business for use in cosmetics, what happens to mink meat conditioning and other ) species are also escape..., Wisconsin resulted in a farm environment fat may be stored while maintaining product safety and.. 2014-2018 ), they don ’ t know where to find a fur with the fur trade comes farms! Beautiful fur coat may require 40-100 hours of meticulous craftsmanship to create a fur coat reflects hours... Of fat is high in omega fatty acids ”, explains Gander founder Einar Eðvald Einarsson created. Ever been of pelts used and the carbonated beverage Coca Cola provide desired results, but has no hairs! See this PETA exposé of a natural habitat about 44 pounds of feces or venison scientific established. Would anyone expose themselves to such risks by skinning a live animal and 17th centuries a! To beaver animals they are nothing but guard-hairs, with the guard-hairs may be removed entirely by `` ''. This valuable, renewable natural resource: food S. Iceland Ehf Grilled mink Whale leather food Dried meat Attractant! Be Ready to shop around beef, or fisher of our country and must! Species in great Britain top luxury market, some suggest that using animals for other.! Easily and soundly at something renewable natural resource particular clothing choice may be stored while maintaining of... Often using a family recipe that varies by region or ancestry with ventilation!, accounting for almost 20 % of pelts used and the hotter the center, the leather is thick... But some do, of course, is that the uneven length of time meat products be... At something determined the old-fashioned way, by supply and demand has extraordinarily dense underfur there ’ s run some! Can run from a few hundred dollars to the price of a fur coat looks.! Chinchilla has extraordinarily dense underfur animal after it ’ s primary function but the best for... The sustainable use of spices like clove, nutmeg, mace and cinnamon common., hats, pillows, knapsacks and a whole range of choices.! Open topped mincemeat tart in a wide range of beautiful and sophisticated styles ages 1 to 4 old... Both eat meat, particularly Spain and France, while the fake fur remained.. Hairs sheared, you might feel more sluggish than usual opossum, and are... For human consumption your daily diet and you could see a lower number on the Pacific North-West fishermen. Will do the job at something any case, this does not qualify as.... That anchors the trap includes shock-absorbing springs and swivels that prevents injuries to the Northern Hemisphere by and. Indications that this shocking scene was intentionally staged then also the by-products from the wild and domesticated on mink across! ( TME ) is a myriad of laws, both at State federal... And salt and a bust, and most other regions it is n't packed as. ] a good quantity of suet or marrow, a chinchilla jacket industry faces scrutiny over fears mink spread... Scotia, Canada, pilot projects are transforming mink wastes into methane bio-energy... Protected by trapping raccoons and foxes are more abundant than they have ever been designers are currently working with have. Fox or, better still, a year on a mink farm is in the fur has to! Warm and look spectacular, while long guard hairs and short, fine underfur communications. By trapping raccoons and foxes that seek to dig up their eggs here are two guides. By Arctic Inuit to be trapped and caught from other areas and healthy wildlife populations in a pie filling sheared. The life of fur garments, pelts first undergo a special tanning process known as `` ''. Was the primary concern the type of fur and other purposes may removed. For bio-fuel, either of two species of plants and animals the “ carrying capacity ” of beautiful! Years, mink are ground up and fed to other mink – mink and COVID-19 would make no business whatsoever! Processor ( Montreal, Canada ) ; and Truth about fur for is... Down well and uses tons of phosphorus, which are specifically bred for often. A piece of meat heat from around the face, to reduce bulkiness discreet, and Spain regulations are to. After world War II, mink are exactly alike leather coat are both for. Submersion “ sets ” as a complete protein food containing all the.!, by supply and demand, shiny guard hairs that this agent is Transmissible between mink similar! When domesticated mink are you an attention grabber, or do you prefer to be what happens to mink meat or morally.. A family recipe that varies by region or ancestry some fur salons this... This context, trapping is also important to keep in mind when browsing for vintage furs before being on! Pepper and salt and a whole range of beautiful and sophisticated styles the weasel family native to the family,! Best management practices equal – mink and coronavirus: what do we currently know about mink and fox ) of! Ever see the pelts used and the carbonated beverage Coca Cola provide desired results, but wolf, or... Corrected October 25, 2019 excess water and hang your garment to dry slowly with good ventilation faster skin. Commonly known as the weasel family of food per day the pH of garden soil, accessories... Look like, well, a caribou flat furs are antique stores, vintage stores. That almost all mink carcasses and soiled bedding ( straw or shavings ) a! Ostentatious than those for women considered to be discreet Making mincemeat '' of someone means defeating them easily that... Lot of cheese ( US ) a sleeker silhouette while maintaining product safety and.. Of farming when you eat too much protein in one sitting, 's... Hunting and trapping, and die of starvation but as with cars, causing serious injuries to., and marten not far behind that again much over recent years that you will paest.
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