A Blue Picardy Spaniel on average is around 22–24 inches (56–61 cm) high at the withers and weighs 43–45 pounds (20–20 kg). The Blue Picardy Spaniel has the long legs of a setter and the responsiveness of a spaniel, making it the ultimate hunting companion. Its teeth should be brushed two to three times a week at least using a dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Active & energetic 3. As a result, the English setterbloodline got infused into the local Picardy dogs, leading to the development of the Blue Picardy Spaniel and the Picardy Sp… View the breed’s average size, weight, temperament, life expectancy, genetic health risks, and more now. They also are very good with other dogs. The Picardy Spaniel is a medium sized dog bred to hunt in France a long time ago. While the Federation Cynologique Internationale and the American Rare Breed Association also recognize it as a separate breed from the Picard Spaniel, the AKC and a few other kennel clubs do not. There are also initial costs to account for once you have brought your puppy or dog home. Rustic looking, relatively tall and powerfully built, the Blue Picardy Spaniel trains well. Blue Picardy Spaniel temperament. Patient, well-mannered and very adaptable, it gets on well with other dogs and animals. The ears should be checked weekly for infection signs like redness or irritation and then given a careful wipe clean. Make sure it is well fenced, and be sure to give it off leash time to run free somewhere safe. The breed is always quiet; however, an Epagneul Bleu de Picardi must always have an exercise or … Blue Picardies tends to be gentle, affectionate and playful with children, which is part of why they are a great family dog. Remarkably, Blue Picardy Spaniel genuinely respects its family. That will cost another $290 or so. It is affectionate with its family, playful and devoted. Blue Picardy Spaniel has a lifespan of between 12 to 14 years. The Blue Picardy Spaniel is a moderate shedder with a couple of heavier shedding periods during the year. Blue Picardy Spaniel is a medium-sized dog breed, whose popularity has been increasing each day especially in France, Canada, and the USA. Still they remained an uncommon dog and not well known outside of hunters from northern France. This Spaniel breed has a large broad nose and its ears are long and thicker compared to other dog breeds. Even though professional grooming isn’t necessary, Blue Picardy Spaniel must be taken care of by the owner to ensure hygiene. This dog loves to be in a company of human beings and has a close bond with every individual around it. Let select one from our list! They are a very faithful and loyal companion that forms a very strong bond with their family. Training will help with obedience and behavior, and socialization will help it learn appropriate responses and become a more well rounded trustworthy pet. That coat is straight or a little wavy, a blue/grey coat with black patches and has long feathering on the belly, legs, ears and tail. Blue Picardy Spaniel is a stunning breed dog, due to its appealing appearance. The Blue Picardy has thick, medium-length hair that is flat and straight or slightly wavy, with heavy feathering on the ears, legs, chest and belly and tail. Like most hunting dogs, the Blue Picardy Spaniel’s long history of working in close cooperation with people. It is alert and will bark to let you know if there is a stranger approaching or an intruder trying to get in. Their chest is of medium size that descends down to the same level as the elbows. screen.colorDepth:screen.pixelDepth))+";u"+escape(document.URL)+ Blue Picardy Spaniel’s Lifespan and Shedding. Training should be gentle, firm and consistent. His grooming requirements are pretty moderate too and he will require a good brush twice a week to get rid of those loose hairs. Blue Picardy Spaniels shed moderately. The Basics of Blue Picardy Spaniel Grooming. In reports that cover attacks that did bodily harm from dogs on people over the last 35 years in the US and Canada, there is no mention of the Blue Picardy Spaniel. Always ensure they have access to fresh water. It’s also known for its hunting and working nature. It can be good in most homes with active owners, but it does need people around or it can become anxious. These dogs will eat about 2¼ cups to 4 cups of an excellent quality dry dog food a day split into two meals. ";h"+escape(document.title.substring(0,150))+";"+Math.random()+ In fact it is one of the oldest continental spaniels with a life span of 12 to 14 years. NAPSA is made up of a select group of breeders dedicated to producing healthy, hard-hunting Picardy Spaniels for North American sportsmen and women. Care: The coat needs to be brushed and bathed occasionally. The coat is flat or a little wavy with feathering on the ears, legs, underside and tail. Feeding it a good or better quality dry dog food and dog treats will cost about $270 a year. It has a lot of similarities with the Blue Picardy Spaniel but Picardy Spaniel is older. This breed was developed from French spaniels and it is one of the most talented gundogs you will ever see. "' alt='' title='LiveInternet: показано число посетителей за"+ "Find similarities and differences between Basenji vs Blue Picardy Spaniel vs Small Munsterlander" Compare Basenji and Blue Picardy Spaniel. These include obesity, hip dysplasia, eye problems and ear infections. Avoid buying from bad breeders and puppy mills, pet stores or backyard breeders. The Blue Picardy Spaniel is descended from French Spaniels crossed with blue belton English Setters and Gordon Setters. Additionally, Blue Picardy Spaniel is widely admired due to its good temperament with people. "target=_blank>