San Francisco-based tech company Uber was founded in 2009 as a way to connect people in the city who needed rides (but couldn't find taxis) with limousine and town car drivers who wanted to make extra money. The company went public in May 2019 and the stock trades under the ticker symbol UBER. , Today, Uber connects drivers and passengers in 400 cities worldwide and its drivers include, not just professionals, but also average people willing to drive strangers around for a fee. The company launched its UberEats food-delivery app in 2014 and a helicopter taxi-service to JFK airport in New York City in 2019. , Uber has seen a number of competitors, such as Lyft and Via, spring up in the ride-sharing business and the company has faced regulatory issues worldwide. Accessed April 17, 2020. These include race, religion, or gender. RideSharingDriver. Users). But according to George Green, writer for Insurance Coverage Corner, insurance coverage depends on who is liable- the company or the Driver. Company Registration No: 4964706. In light of this, Uber has patented a method that imposes surge prices during peak time. A. Uber’s Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps, Without the Bad Press. Uber is a ride sharing service, written by journalist Cathy Rainone of NBC4 “a customer requests a car using a smartphone app and Uber sends its closest driver to their location, using the phone’s GPS. Kalanick needs to set an example, and not simply grow his empire. (2015). Internal Revenue Service. Because Uber is more trendy than cabs and public transportation, millennials and business professionals especially enjoy Uber’s services. Marmind. These terms and conditions are necessary to protect the company if a Driver or agent become liable, or if there is a disputed claim. A Washington Post investigation found that Uber prioritizes liability concerns over safety, prompting Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) to demand answers from Uber … Ride requests are randomly matched with the closest Driver so there is no discrimination based on gender, race, or destination. Accessed April 16, 2020. Accessed April 18, 2020. There will be a section of an opinionated conclusion at the end of the paper. J. Another incident occurred in 2014 when Josh Mohrer, the general manager of Uber New York, emailed Johanna Bhuiyan’s, a BuzzFeed journalist, logs of some of her Uber trips; he had not asked her permission (Bhuiyan, 2014). Their numbers are comparable to the tech industry which is white male dominated. Accessed April 18, 2020. Ride share companies maintain they have no control over the Drivers or their cars and “merely control the application that facilitates the connection between passenger and Drivers, and thus are not liable for the negligence of the driver (Gallegos, 2014).”. California Prop 22 Approved; App Drivers Now Independent Contractors, Uber announces pricing of initial public offering, Celebrating Cities: A New Look and Feel for Uber, AB-5 Worker status: employees and independent contractors, Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee, German court bans Uber's ride-hailing services in Germany. With a population of 39 million, California is a huge market for Uber. In addition, the new, legal precedent suggests drivers in other states will likely wage their own court battles against the company.Â. In March of 2017, Uber published its diversity numbers for the first time since its conception in 2009. While Lyft is doing better than Uber in terms of gender diversity, the difference is slight. Since Uber paid attention to cultural nuances and strategically integrated itself into the culture, they were able to cater changing preferences and business environment from city to city. Retrieved from, Lein. Retrieved from, Dough. The earliest adjustments occurred in 1935 when the U.S Supreme Court announced that employees could not be terminated as punishment for attempting to organize into unions.Federal statutes included clauses that compensated whistleblowers punished for reporting misconduct to authorities (Halbert, 2015). Regardless of the strategy, three stages must be observed in order for the strategy to be effective (Marketing Techniques, n.d.). The second and third phases consisted of building awareness of their services via word-of-mouth. Fowler expected a company of Uber’s size to handle the problem quickly, but she met resistance. This man eventually left the company, but when she tried to transfer to a different team, Fowler was blocked although she met the qualifications. (2017). 49-55). In its first report as a public company, Uber said it lost more than $1 billion on $3.1 billion in revenue during the first quarter of 2019. While Uber stands to make a crazy amount of money given its high revenue and the low wages that drivers earn, it's not shocking to learn that Uber is facing many challenges as it grows. According to the victim, the last thing she remembered was drinking a complementary bottle of water provided by the Driver. Although Uber advocates for more women in the tech field, their engineer department has only 15 percent women (Bhuiyan, 2017). "California." The purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth case study of Uber based on legal and ethical principles in relation to Uber’s internal and external affairs. Retrieved from, Ramsenthaler, P. (2016). - The drivers, organized by … This was not the first time Uber faced privacy concerns. Economic Policy Institute. Topics such as duty of loyalty, diversity, privacy, worker’s rights, global climate change, and risk management will be discussed. One of the biggest battles Uber has fought since its conception is the classification of its employees. Unlike taxi services, Uber does not require finger print checks but uses their names and social security numbers. The National Law Review. "German court bans Uber's ride-hailing services in Germany." Uber. Uber claimed this permission was needed to provide the “most precise transportation service.” Since “location is at the heart of the Uber experience,” they request riders to provide more information to increase estimated times of arrivals and identifying the best pick-up locations. Over the past couple of years, one particular company has seen more than their share of scandals. The WEPA has improved the remedies available for federal employees who notify the authorities of employer misconduct (Halbert, 2015). In doing this, Uber maximized their intellectual property protection and increased brand awareness. Uber’s unconventional marketing approach, while unorthodox, was able to successfully establish its brand in India without the use of mass marketing. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of In Law and Ethics In The Business Environment (8th ed., pp. Some countries and airports have banned ride-sharing companies altogether. While this is what they officially say, they reward Drivers for doing the opposite.

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