You may not disregard your college record and apply as a freshman. Page 1 of 9 Transfer conditions for undergraduate students by department and year of study Departmental tutors retain the right to depart from these guidelines on a case by case basis, and if a department is full transfers will not normally be accepted. Contextual offers Vanderbilt has a 22% acceptance rate for transfer students, and UCLA takes more than 5,000 transfer students per year, despite its low acceptance rate. Get info for freshmen, transfers, international students, first-generation students and more. 2 out of 3 transfer students who apply to UC get in. Applying as a transfer. The Registrar’s office determines the transferability of coursework for current UCLA students who attend other institutions during the summer. How did they do it? Page 1 of 1. UCLA does not admit students into any undergraduate program who already hold Bachelor’s degrees, nor do we admit students who have the equivalent of three years (130 quarter-units or more) of transferable university work. I attended UCSC for a year before I went home and have been attending the local community college for the past year. Which London universities accept second year transfer to study Business Management? UCL and St. Andrews just seemed quite elitist and picky. However, on this page, it states near the bottom (see attached screenshot) that they do not accept resit students. False! As part of our commitment to increasing participation from underrepresented groups, students may be eligible for a contextual offer as part of the Access UCL scheme. Watch. major.) Let’s get started. On this page, it states that UCL's fine with resit students and that potential candidates can hope to be offered a place with higher requirements, which is all standard for many universities. Learn about applying to UCLA, the personal insight questions and what we look for. Transfer students interested in the Cognitive Sciences major should apply to the Psychology B.A. 35. University College London (UCL) and Imperial College London are the two highest-ranked London universities in the QS World University Rankings® 2021, beating 18 other universities from the city and ranking in the top 10 in the world, a feat both universities have managed consistently. Both UCLA and Berkeley accept UC transfers. Access UCL – contextual offers. By knowing UC is possible. The Undergraduate Admission office determines the transferability of coursework taken at other institutions for newly admitted transfer students. UCLA, in fact, gives UC transfers almost the same priority as CCC transfers. I will have 86 semester units finished by the end of Spring. Additional Requirements: Have a cumulative UC transferable GPA of 3.0 start new discussion reply. 'UCL's minimum (“benchmark”) entry requirement is ABB at GCE A-level or the equivalent in other qualifications such as the International Baccalaureate. Applicants successfully transfer year after year. (Students eligible for the TAG Program and interested in Cognitive Sciences should apply to the Psychology B.A. There is a misconception that it is near-impossible to transfer from one UC to either Berkeley or UCLA. I am wondering if there is more information about the maximum units you can have before the UC’s will deny you for transfer. major. Applicants may not be admitted below the benchmark level without the advance approval of the Dean of Students (Academic).' Though you'll need to be truly exceptional to make it into Harvard or Princeton as a transfer student, that's also true of applying straight out of high school.

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